Who are we?

Initially we are the working group of a body managed by the Centre for Art and Nature (CAN), a residential working centre for artists and researchers situated in Farrera, in the High Catalan Pyrenees (1360 metres above sea-level and with 20 inhabitants), and committed to a territorial rebalancing between mountain, plain and coast. This body is composed of more than 100 members and a Board of Trustees chaired by Pere Báscones and including Teresa M. Sala, Antoni Plans, Víctor Sunyol and Josep Mañà.

The Friends of CAN form a network with us and also with other creative bodies, such as CoCreable, with Lluís Sabadell Artiga at their head and the active creator of this initiative. Moreover, the Friends of CAN often work alongside the Geography Department of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, with the Fine Arts Department of Barcelona University, with the Escola Massana in Barcelona, with the Institute of Catalan Letters, with the Catalan network of creative spaces, Xarxaprod, and with many of our country’s other institutions.  Internationally, we have ongoing relationships with networks of creative spaces like Res Artis or the Alliance for Artists’ Communities, foundations such as the Foundation for Artists for Nature, or other networks specifically set up by European programmes like Frontiers in Retreat.